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What do you mean by authorized logins?

In order to protect your account, when a new and unknown device attempts to login using your account and password, Beseye will immediately deliver:

1. A [Push Notification] to the original mobile device that you’ve used during registration.

2. An [Authorization Notice] to the E-mail that you’ve used during registration.

In order to authorize the new device, you must [Enter a 6-digit Authorization Code] or [Click on the link provided in the Authorization Notice] to successfully login and access Beseye services with the new device.



Authorization procedure:

1. Enter the 6-digit authorization code.


※ The following picture will appear if you enter the wrong authorization code:



2. If you haven't received an E-mail from after waiting a few minutes, you may select [Re-send Authorization Code].

3. Access your E-mail inbox, open the mail with the subject [Beseye System Notice] and click on the link provided in order to authorize the new device to login and access your camera.

※ Reminder: Both the Authorization Code and Authorization Link provided by Beseye are only effective for 12 hours for added security. The Code and Link will not be usable after this period.

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