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How To Sign Up For Beseye Account?

Suppose you are buying Beseye Camera for the first time.


Please refer to:  How Do I Register On My Mobile Device?


The invited person needs to open Beseye app within 24 hours and click "Register" to complete the registration process.
Note: If you miss the 24hr period, please notify the camera owner to re-send camera sharing invitation again.
step.1:After installing, go to the Beseye App and select  Sign Up.
step.2:Please press next
step.3:While Entering the Register New Account page, provide the relevant data, and click on continue when you're done.
  • Please fill in the sharer _ fill in your E-mail, and set up at least 6-digit password (including English and numbers)
step.4-1 Email Verify
step.4-2 The system will immediately send a verification mail to your registered mail. Please check your email immediately to verify (valid for one hour after the system sends the mail). After you received your mail, please press the "verify" button.  
step.5:Please return to the Beseye app
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