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I Keep Failing To Complete Let It Bee™. What Should I Do?

Please check and verify the following:

1. [Registration status]: Check whether this Camera has been previously registered under another account.

2. [Speaker volume]: Check the speaker volume of your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and turn the volume up to the maximum. Try to reduce or avoid background noise as well.

3. [Beeping distance]: The distance between the mobile device and Beseye Camera should be less than 10 cm during Let it Bee™.

4. [Wi-Fi status]:

What are the Wi-Fi requirements for using Beseye?

5. [Status indicator]:

※ Check that the indicator light is flashing green and blinking before initiating the pairing process.

Blue and blinking: The device will make beeping sounds and start pairing with the camera.

※ For more information on the information provided by the status indicator lights, please refer to: 

The status indicator light next to the Beseye Camera started blinking. What is it trying to tell me?


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