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How Do I Activate Cloud Storage via Beseye Web?

There is 1 way:

After purchasing Beseye Cloud Storage Card from our website, please follow the following steps to activate.


1. Log into your account via the Beseye website.

2.Scratch off the silver paint on the back of the Beseye Cloud Storage Card.

3.Click on “Upgrade” in the upper right corner and select the camera you want to upgrade.




4.Select “Activation Code” for the payment method and enter the code on the back of the Beseye Cloud Storage Card.

5.Click on “Continue”




6. Confirm the information and click on "Submit"




7. Re-log into your account and your cloud storage will be activated.




Kind reminder:

  • Cloud storage and the cloud serial number card cannot be used together (at the same time). Please choose the cloud storage service method that better fits your needs.
  • You can only enter one cloud serial number card at a time. Please only enter another card's serial number on the day after the service expiration date.

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