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I Have Followed The Steps In 「How to install Beseye camera」, But I Still Can't Get It Paired Successfully. What Should I Do?

Let's do a step-by-step check!

1. Check the power outlet, and make sure to use the original power cable and transformer charger provided by Beseye.

2. Make sure your internet connection is stable. You can download the free Speedtest app to check if your internet bandwidth is sufficient.

3. Check your Wi-Fi configuration: What Are The Wi-Fi Requirements For Using Beseye ?

4. Contact your internet service provider to check whether the wireless network frequency is 5GHz or 2.4GHz.

5. Restart the Beseye app and Beseye camera (unplug it from the power supply and re-plug it to power on)

6. Check with your Wi-Fi router company's customer service whether its internal setting is 2.4GHz.

7. Check whether your Wi-Fi router software has been updated to the latest version. If you are not sure, please contact your Wi-Fi router company's customer service.


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