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Why Didn’t Motion Detection Detect The People Passing By?

Thank you for buying and continuing to use Beseye cameras. Motion detection may be affected by the changes of light, the angles of objects, the color of the scene or object, distance, etc. You can follow the steps below to fix the situation. In the meantime, we will continue to optimize our functions.


  1. For adjustment of motion sensitivity, read How do I set the “Select Detection Type” function?
  2. For adjustment of detection area, read How To Edit Smart Detection Area?

    (Scenario: If you want to detect whether there are people in front of the service counter, only select the counter area and exclude the screen above the counter, so that motion detection would not be affected by the changing of the screen number.)

  3. You can download a free app called “Speed Test” to test whether the speed of the network environment where the camera is located has enough bandwidth.
  4. Since motion detection is affected by network quality, there are several simple ways to enhance the stability of network signals at home. Beseye lists the following methods.
      1. Use the Beseye’s charger and charging cable supplied with Beseye.
      2. Switch to 5G network once you’ve registered on your mobile device.
      3. The optimal distance for motion detection is 2~8 meters. Try to adjust the placement of the camera.
      4. Restart your Wi-Fi machine regularly.
      5. There should be no barriers between the camera and the Wi-Fi machine. If circumstances permit, place your Wi-Fi machine in the center of your home. This way, the signal will be better throughout your home.
      6. Try not to place metal objects or objects that emit electromagnetic waves near Wi-Fi machines and cameras.
      7. If the camera’s LAN signal is unstable, consider using Beseye's wired network adapter or purchasing a Wi-Fi extender.
      8. Make sure that the software version of your home’s Wi-Fi machine has been updated to the latest version. If you are not sure, contact your Wi-Fi machine’s customer service.
  5. Scan the wireless network signal of the nearby environment to confirm the strength of your network and the repetition of the nearby wireless network channel. For example, if you find that the network around you is using the same channel as you, please contact the Wi-Fi machine’s customer service to change your settings.
    (App: “AirPort” for iOS, “Wi-Fi Analyzer” for Android.)
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