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If You Are An Android User, How To Activate The Cloud Serial Number Card Via Beseye App ?

There is 1 way:


Step 1. Open the serial number card and scrape it to get the redemption code.

Step 2. Click on the top right setup button of the camera.




Step 3. Pull down and click on the subscription status.




Step 4. Click the activation code.




Step 5. Enter the redemption code on the scratchcard and press Next to complete pairing.

__2.jpg  S__3227681.jpg


Kind reminder:

  • Cloud storage and the cloud serial number card cannot be used together (at the same time). Please choose the cloud storage service method that better fits your needs.
  • You can only enter one cloud serial number card at a time. Please only enter another card's serial number on the day after the service expiration date.




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