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How to set up QNAP NAS?

Step 1. The mobile device has set up the pairing for the Beseye camera.

Step 2. Set up your NAS storage device. The setting will vary based on your NAS device.

  • Please refer to the QNAP NAS setup of QNAP.
  • Please refer to QNAP's official NAS tutorial video.
  • When you configure a NAS device, one set of ID and password is required.
  • Beseye app >You camera > Setting > NAS Support >Camera Account,it will show up。


  • Note: After NAS configuration is completed, if "Regenerate" bottom is pressed, you need to re-enter your ID and password on the NAS device.
  • Note: The NAS unit has to be in the same domain with Beseye camera.
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