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What is People Detection (NEW)?

With [People Detection], you will be notified when your Beseye Pro detect people passing by. The device will automatically send a push notification to your mobile device. This allows you to easily monitor the presence of any personnel within the visual range of your camera despite being in another location. [People Detection] is a reliable and safe means to make sure that you don’t miss anything important going on at home. 


App setup procedure:

1. Login to the Beseye APP and select the desired camera for undergoing the settings from the [My Camera] screen.

2. Select the [Settings] icon at the upper right corner and select [People Detection (NEW)] from the menu.


3. A [People Detection] user guide will pop out if you're using this function for the first time. 

 Please follow the setup guidelines to easily complete the settings.



4. Select [Detection Optimization]. You will select a few pictures with no people to train and optimize Beseye Pro detection abilities.

5. The system will automatically detect and collect [images suspected with moving people] as shown below.



6. From these pictures, select [Incomplete people] such as half-body shots. Once you're done, press the [Complete] button.



7. If [No Images] are available for selection, a page with the message [Beseye will provide images suspected with people for you to screen and optimize the settings].


8. Once optimization reaches 100%, it would mean that the optimization process for the Beseye Pro People Detection System has been completed. You will no longer need to screen and click any more images to train the system.



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