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What is Power Schedule?

With [Power Schedule] function, you can let your camera auctomatically turn ON/OFF according to your daily schedule.

 On mobile device:

1. Login to the Beseye APP and select [My Camera] to enter the Camera list.


2. Click on the [Settings] icon at the upper right corner and select [Power Schedule].



3. Turn on [Power Schedule] and click  [Create ...].

※ You may establish multiple schedules according to your personal needs.

__.jpg  __2.jpg

4. Set the ON and OFF time for your Camera.

683AA775-08CB-4618-89E1-EBA35F8C7405.jpg  3FA2EB12-BD40-4B78-9AEF-F36C91F6ABB0.jpg

※ When the setting time happens to be the current time, the following picture will appear. The Camera will also be switched OFF immediately.


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