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How Should I Contact Maintenance And Repair Services If The Product Breaks Down? Is There Anything I Should Look Out For Before Repairs?

Please contact the Beseye online customer service if you could not solve your problem after reading the user manual or accessing Beseye online support. Provide the following information as well:

A. Product model and serial number

B. The problem you encountered with the product

Customer support shall provide you with support to verify whether your Beseye product requires repairs and give detailed information with regards to product delivery and schedule.

If the product is still within the warranty period, you will only need to pay for delivering your product to Beseye.

After inspection and repairs, Beseye will pay for the delivery of the product shipped back to you.

Kind reminder: If you seek maintenance and repairs from the store or dealer where you’ve made your original purchase, you must comply with the repairs and maintenance system of the said store or maintenance. The store will provide you with the relevant services.

C. Your contact number and address

D. Photocopies of the original invoice, receipt, or sales order of the product

Before accepting maintenance or repairs under the terms of the warranty, Beseye or its representative may require you to provide a detailed proof of purchase in order to help diagnose the potential problem, ask you several questions, and comply with Beseye procedures to ensure that you receive proper warranty repairs.

Beseye customer support would get back to you as soon as possible.

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