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How To Change The Night Vision Switch And Sensitivity Settings?

There are 2 ways:

  • On a mobile device (smartphone or tablet): Login to the Beseye App and go to [Settings] to make relevant changes.
  •  On a computer: Login to the computer version of All Cameras, and to [Settings] to make relevant changes.


How to set up on a mobile device:

1. Login to your Beseye APP and go to[All Cameras], then click on the camera which you would like to set up.




2. Enter the camera live stream page and select the [Settings] icon located at the upper right corner.




3. After entering the Settings page, select [Night Vision].






4. The night vision setting can choose "Auto", "On", "Off".




(Kind reminder: When the night vision function is adjusted to the auto mode, there will be three settings for low, medium, and high to choose from. Please choose according to the brightness of the environment.)





How to set up on a computer:

1. Log in to the computer version of [All Cameras] then click on the camera which you would like to edit.




2. Enter the camera live streaming page and select the Settings icon located at the upper right corner.




3. After entering the Settings page, select Hardware Settings.

 Select [Night Vision] to start making changes.




※ There are 3-night vision modes:

Automatic night vision:

When the light source of your camera is insufficient, the night vision function of the Beseye camera will be automatically turned on, allowing you to clearly view your camera image regardless of day and night light and darkness.

  • You can select low, medium, and high settings from the sensitivity setting of "Auto". According to the brightness of your environment (slightly bright, dim, dark), you can freely decide when to let your smart camera enter the night automatically. As the mode.

● Night vision ON:

Your Beseye Camera will be kept in the night vision mode. The video recordings would be in black and white, but clear, nonetheless.

● Night vision OFF:

The night vision function of your Beseye Camera will be kept OFF. You won’t be getting clear recordings when the surroundings turn dark. If you want to maintain a certain level of clarity for your video recordings under darkness, you can simply activate the night vision function by a single click!



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