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What Is Not Covered By The 1-year Effective Warranty Offered By The Beseye?

The Beseye 1-year effective warranty does not apply for:

Any non-Beseye hardware and software.

1. Software from Beseye or non-Beseye brands.

2. Beseye products where the product serial number has been removed, rubbed off, changed, smudged, or otherwise hard to decipher.

3. Surface damages that include but not limited to scratches, dents, and cracks of plastic parts at the connection parts.

4. Any damages caused by failure to comply with instructions of the Beseye product information and indication.

5. Consumables or external covers that wear down over time, unless its failures caused by material or technical defects.

6. Damages caused by simultaneous use with other products or connection with other parts that are not approved or supplied by Beseye.

7. Damages caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, contact with liquids, fires, earthquakes, or other external factors.

8. Damages resulting from repairs carried out personnel not authorized by the Beseye product repairs and maintenance programs.

9. Failures caused by functional modifications or changes that have not been formally authorized by Beseye.

10. Defects caused by regular deterioration or other forms of regular aging.


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