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How do I view recordings by time?

There’s 2 ways to do view your recordings:

  • Use your mobile device (smart phone or tablet computer) to login to the Beseye App [My Camera] to view the videos.
  • Use the computer to login to the computer version of [My Camera] to view the video recordings.


App procedure:

1. Login to your Beseye APP and go to [My Camera]. At the bottom of the page, select the icon of the target Camera you wish to view.

2. After entering the Camera screen, you will be able to view live recordings. Please press the [Recorded Moments] at the lower left.


  • Left: After entering the timeline of Recorded Moments, press the [Calendar Icon] located at the lower left.
  • Right: From the popup window, slide up and down to select the time of the video recording you wish to view.
  • Press [OK] to confirm.


Procedure for the computer webpage version:

1. Login to the computer version of [My Camera].

At the bottom of [My Camera] page, select the icon of the target Camera whose recordings you want to view.

 2. The left side of the live streaming screen would be the time line. Move the mouse cursor up and down along the timeline. A thumbnail window of the video recording would appear. Click on the thumbnail recording of the selected time point to view the video.


Reference articles: 

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