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How could I edit my Beseye Pro Camera name?

There’s 2 ways to do this:

  • Login to the Beseye App using your mobile device (smart phone or tablet computer), and enter [Settings] to make the relevant changes.
  • From your computer, login to the computer version of [My Camera], and enter [Settings] to make the relevant changes.

App procedure:

1. Please login to the Beseye App and go to the list in [My Camera].

Click on the icon of the Camera that you wish to rename.

2. After the Camera page has appeared, select the [Settings] icon located at the upper right corner.

3. Select [Hardware Settings] from the settings menu.


4. Left: Select the name of the original camera. A pop-up window shown on the right will appear.

Right: Enter the new name for your camera and press [Done] to finish the renaming process!



PC webpage procedure:

1. Login to [My Camera] and click on the camera icon of the camera that you wish to rename.


2. Enter the camera image page and select the [Settings] icon located at the upper right corner.


3. From the pop-up window, please select [Others] shown on the right.

Enter the new name in the field below Camera Name.


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