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The Status Indicator Light Next To The Beseye Camera Started Blinking. What Is It Trying To Tell Me?

1. When the camera has just been connected to a power source and switched on

  • Blue light (not blinking): The Camera is being switched on.

(Please wait until you have a blinking green light before connecting)


2. First time matching

When the Camera is pairing with your smartphone/tablet and connecting to the Wi-Fi network for the first time:

  • Blinking green light: The Camera is now ready to be paired with your mobile device.
  • Blinking blue light: The mobile device is pairing with your Camera.
  • Blinking blue light/switching to purple light that then blinked 5 times: This Camera has already been paired with a different account.

(Note: after the purple light blinks 5 times, the Camera will switch back to a blinking green light.)

(To start new pairing, please login to the previous account, remove the Camera, and then initiate the pairing process.)

  • Red light (not blinking) that stayed on for 10 sec: the Wi-Fi connection failure.

(After the 10-sec red light switches back to the blinking green light, follow the Beseye App instructions to restart the pairing process.)


3. Successfully paired

Cameras that successfully connected with Wi-Fi:

  • Constant green light (not blinking): Successfully connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • Constant blue light (not blinking): It means that the Wi-Fi used by your camera is unstable and the network quality is not good.
  • Flashing blue and red light: This shows that the Wi-Fi AP being used by your Camera has been switched off.

(Please check if your Wi-Fi connection has been switched off.)

  • Solid red light (not blinking): Shows that the Camera has suddenly found itself unable to connect to the Wi-Fi AP.

(Please check the connection status of your wireless network.)


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