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How To Set Up Home Security Detection?

You can set it in the following ways:

  • On a mobile device (smart phone or tablet): Login to the Beseye App and go to [Settings] to make the relevant changes.


How to setup on a mobile device:

Steps: All Cameras > Setting > Home Security Detection

1. Login to your Beseye APP and go to [All Cameras], click on the Camera you would like to edit.




2. Enter the Camera live stream page and click the [Settings]icon at the upper right corner of the page.




3. Please go to the setting screen, and click Home Security Detection.

  • Turn on Home Security Detection, and it will start to detect faces in 12 hours.
  • It will automatically turn off after 12 hours.






4. Click 「Members」

  • You can add 4 members for face identification.
  • Please click「+」Image or Add a New Member on the bottom to add a face






5. Add a new member in Edit Information.

  • Clicking「+」or any box will turn on the camera to take a photo of a face.






6. Turn on the camera to take a photo of a face.

  • The camera will take photos in the same way as the iPhone camera does.
  • There are 「Reverse」 and「Flash functions」available.
  • After taking a photo, click「OK」to capture a screenshot.
  • Or click「Return」to retake a photo.

7. Photo taking completed.

  • Please click Name to name the member's photo and click「Complete」.




Congratulations! You have completed the settings! Face identification will show the name of the member in Recording「Event List」and「Notification」.


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